Murphy’s Law decides to pay me another visit

Murphy’s Law decides to pay me another visit
omar Posted By : omar

Once again, Murphy’s Law decides to pay me another visit. After my first meeting with Omar, we agreed to set up another meeting on Tuesday night. I was very excited about today. I was back in Boxing class (my coach was out on holiday for the last 10 days), the NBA was back tonight, and I have a meeting set up with Omar to talk shop. I couldn’t be any happier. I was under the impression that our meeting was going to begin at 9pm CST. I get back home from Boxing around 7pm, shower, change and made some dinner & talking to my wife. I have my lap top open and around 8:05pm (cst) I happen to look in my B-Side email inbox and I see that Omar sends me a message saying, “I’m here”. I jump up from the table (while my wife is in mid-sentence) and I tell her that the meeting is now, I need to go to the guest room to call Omar. She tells me “no problem, go ahead”. So, shoot a message telling him “I’m OMW, give me 3 mini”, I grab my laptop, my charger, my phone and run upstairs to set up. A bit of backstory, my laptop is damn near a dinosaur because it takes a while for it to boot up and sometimes the speakers will just randomly NOT work. Guess what, this was one of the times where the speakers didn’t feel like working smh. I log into where Omar is and I see him via the camera, I can see him move his lips because he can hear me but I cannot hear him. I’m panicking right now, because I DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS MEETING! I tell him that I need to reboot my laptop in order to get the sound back, he tells me “ok”. I just need 5 min. So here I go rebooting the laptop and because it is a relic from the bible or because I need it to work properly, it is taking FOREVER to load up! And just to put the cherry on top, once it finally loads up, the WIFI doesn’t want to work on my laptop. I’ve never seen it operate this bad before, but of ALL THE TIMES for it to cancel on me, this couldn’t be any worse of a time. My phone was still working, and I saw that Omar recommended that we just reschedule for tomorrow (10/23) evening at the same time. I was perfectly fine with that, but man was I defeated and bummed for the night. I just don’t want this to reflect bad on me, you know. I apologized to Omar and accepted the meeting invite for the 23rd. We’ll see how it goes in that one.

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