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I’m taking in a great deal of industry information

I’m taking in a great deal of industry information
omar Posted By : omar

Had a good phone conversation with Omar tonight. I’m really noticing that the more we are doing these conference calls, not only the more comfortable I’m getting, but I’m taking in a great deal of industry information as well. Tonight’s conversation took me into what would be a surprisingly unfamiliar territory, Omar asked me to tell him “My Story”. The reason why this was unfamiliar is because I can’t remember the last time anyone ever asked me about myself in this capacity. A lot of times with my friends I’m on the end of the spectrum of them telling me about themselves and/or their problems and goals and I’m giving them advice. But for someone to ask me about me, truly was welcoming. Amid covering my background, it truly dawned on me how far I have come considering my humbler beginnings in this world. Granted I didn’t touch on every living detail in between the main milestones, but in my head, I can recall those pinpoints and there are A LOT. No one ever said the journey is easy (because it is not at all), but its very fulfilling when you have a chance to look back and appreciate what you have built and what you continue to build thus far.

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