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Slivers of light

Slivers of light
omar Posted By : omar

I’ve been missing my blog entries as of late. The state of the world (yes, I’m being literal when I say “the world”, this is not an exaggeration) is in a very vulnerable state right now. For the last month, the United States has been hit with the brunt end of the current global pandemic called “COVID-19” or as others say “coronavirus”. This is a very lethal version of the flu virus that is traveling among people at an alarming rate. The pandemic is so strong that the US is basically closed for the time being. Restaurants, Bars, Libraries, non-essential stores, businesses, parks, museums, etc. have all been closed for the time being. We are always encouraged to stay home unless we need to go to the grocery store, get gas or for those that still need to go into work. It’s a very serious situation right now and the only way to flatten the skyrocketing death rate is to not come outside and not be around different people. Adjusting to this new way of life is a challenge that one of us was expecting.

For me personally, my “day job” was already transitioning over to being a full-time work from home role so with the pandemic on hand that came early. Thus giving me more time to be more attentive to “Finding Dawn”. Omar and I are talking via video chat much more (3 days a week) and this is helping me tremendously. The way we’re doing it right now, we’re really going page by page as the script/story is being developed. I’m learning more and appreciating the art and paying off what happens when your script can write itself and the Tetris pieces fall perfectly into place. I’m really getting a better grasp of how to navigate through celtx. I used Celtx when I wrote “Broke AF”, but it was my first time using that program and I was teaching myself/learning as I go. Omar really is helping me learn the mechanics in both the program and story development.  I’m very pleased with where we are as this is one of the very few slivers of light in my life right now during this pandemic.

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