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Today I met with Charles Borg…

Today I met with Charles Borg…
omar Posted By : omar

Today I met with Charles Borg, he’s a professor at Flashpoint Academy, Screenwriter, producer and was a guest speaker at the 3rdannual VAiFF film festival. This meeting was to help me with getting ready for my pitch meeting that I will be having with both Omar and Zohra. I went over my 3 ideas to Charles an he seemed impressed by them. He gave me a very detailed breakdown of what should be included on my “one sheet” when I go into my pitch meeting. He covered what the “Logline”, “Concept” and “Synopsis” are, and how to illustrate those on your “one sheet”. We went through each of my script ideas and broke down each of those categories for all three of the ideas. The meeting was extremely constructive. These were mechanics that I have been trying to perfect on my own for years, but this 3-hour meeting took me much further in understanding these tools. The meeting was extremely informative, and I walked away full of vital information and even more ready for this pitch meeting.

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