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I took notes like a mad man.

I took notes like a mad man.
omar Posted By : omar

Tonight was my first one on one teleconference session with Omar and I have to tell you, the information that I retained in 90 min was the MOST vital information that I’ve received in years. I took notes like a mad man making sure that I didn’t miss anything that Omar was telling me during this conversation. We went over the importance of proper use of light source, staying away from auto focus, the proper way to capture sound, etc. We did a dissect of the first 3 minute of “What Are We Gonna Eat” to not necessarily pick apart but truly to identify areas that need improvement. This went beyond my expectations because, like I mentioned on the VAiFF podcast, I want to know what I’m doing wrong and unlearn bad practices. Tonight’s session truly did hit the mark and if the journey is going to be like this, then I am thrilled to see how my mind will operate as a director a year from now.

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