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What a way to end a day!

What a way to end a day!
omar Posted By : omar

Sunday Oct 13th2019– What can I say, but “WHAT A WAY TO END A DAY!” Oct 13th will go down as one of my greatest moments achieved as a producer and director. This is the emotion that I am feeling coming off the heels of winning the overall grand prize and being the winner of the grant from the VAiFF Film Festival. Considering how awful the day was in general (a lot of Murphy’s Law was taking its toll on me that day before I arrived to the festival), winning this award was the proverbial turn around that was so badly needed. Winning the grant is an absolute honor, but the fact that I’m going to receive this mentorship and guidance from the likes of Mr. Omar McClinton, Zorah Hasta and the rest of the team is what I have always wanted due to how priceless and fulfilling that potential connection will be. I am beyond excited for this opportunity and I am ready for this ride! Let’s Work!

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